Citizens for Children & Families, Inc.

Citizens for Children & Families, Inc. of Oklahoma County (CCF) was formally established in 2015 for the purposes of developing and implementing a plan for improving services to children and families in Oklahoma County. CCF has provided community leadership in bringing together key partners to identify priority community issues and facilitate collaboration to braid public and private funding to address these issues.

The dedication of CCF civic leaders is an inspiring example of what citizens can accomplish through creating a vision to improve community conditions. This kind of effort and accomplishment requires committed, steadfast, and selfless leadership. Since establishing, CCF has led or overseen the successful implementation of several public/private initiatives in Oklahoma County, all of which are evidence based/informed. These projects are all aimed at improving outcomes for children, especially those involved with the Child Welfare System.

Board of Directors:

Lori Blumenthal, President
Sarah Edwards, Secretary
Chris Gilchrist, Treasurer
Jane Puls
Marcia Johnson
Frank Turner
Rachel Burrell

Program Coordinator: Kimberly Behrens


Sarah Edwards, Chair

Pam Lane
Jonette Dunlap
Bryson Panas
Nonie Hawkins
Lindsay Laird
Annette Jacobi
Judge Sheila Stinson
Melanie Anthony
Erin Kennedy
Vanessa Morrison
Kim Osmani